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"The evaluation process can be stressful and overwhelming, to say the least!  Luckily, with Darcie's counsel I was better equipped to understand my son's learning profile, interpret his tests results, and know how to effectively support him both at home and in the school setting.  Both a mother and a former special education teacher, Darcie strikes that perfect balance of being able to empathize with parents' concerns while also helping them to understand the realities of public education, in particular special education.  Darcie was an invaluable source of support and knowledge while my son went through the evaluation process; I couldn't recommend her highly enough to parents trying to navigate their way through this process!"

-anonymous, Dover


Darcie Robertson has been an amazing resource for my family as we navigate the IEP process. We have found the process itself extremely complex and overwhelming and Darcie always takes the time to patiently and thoroughly explain everything from start to finish. Her background as a special education teacher makes her incredibly knowledgable about our son’s specific educational needs, as well as giving her a complete understanding of the IEP process. Darcie also helped guide us through an appropriate response when we disagreed with our son’s proposed IEP. She has helped us feel heard at a time when we felt very confused and vulnerable. Darcie has been an indispensable asset. I cannot recommend her enough!

-Sara, Sherborn

Client 3

Darcie was instrumental in helping me through my son's evaluation with the public schools.  She was able to suggest assessments that would be beneficial before testing began.  Darcie then carefully reviewed the assessment reports and helped me to process and understand the results before I attended the team meeting.  Darcie's insight made me feel confident in my own advocacy skills.  I would not hesitate to use her services again in the future!

-Brian, Milton

Client 5

After working in the Brookline Public Schools together for many years, I was thrilled to hear that Darcie was bringing her many talents to work with families as an advocate.  Not surprisingly, Darcie’s passion, intelligence, and extensive experience have enabled her to provide stellar services to parents of children with disabilities, including my own son.  She impressed me immediately with her compassion, understanding, and professionalism.  She made herself readily available to explain difficult processes and listen to my concerns with kindness and empathy.  Darcie is extremely organized and has a rare ability to condense volumes of documents and to identify the main issues in a case without wasting time and effort.  Going into my IEP meeting for my son, I felt comfortable and confident thanks to Darcie’s organization and the time she took beforehand to prepare together with me.  Darcie has a passionate belief in the rights of children to receive the education they deserve, and this passion overflows into her work.  Moreover, her pleasant demeanor allows her to work collaboratively but persistently with team members to accomplish her clients’ objectives without unnecessary discord.  We feel extremely fortunate to have Darcie in our corner as our son’s advocate!


-Maria, Dedham

Client 6

   Darcie has provided exceptional guidance and support in seeking services for my daughter’s educational challenges.  Her extensive experience and knowledge of student’s rights allowed us to be better informed on how to work with the school district throughout the evaluation process. Darcie’s professionalism, attentiveness and diligence made her an excellent advocate for our daughter.  She was always easy to connect with, thoroughly answered any questions we had and helped us feel fully prepared going into my daughter’s IEP qualification meeting. I highly recommend Darcie to any family needing advocacy services for their children. We were so lucky to have her on our side, she is amazing!

Candace, Duxbury


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